Welcome to Marblehead Photographic Art. This site hosts images of Terry Vacha. His photographs concentrate on nature and activities in parks and near coastal waterways, and seaside towns in the US and abroad. Animals, plants, boats, parks, and activities in and near the water are his main focus. Periodically, he ventures inland a little further when an event or landscape strikes his interest.

Terry sells images at Twisted Sisters Gallery in Marblehead, Ohio and also at craft fairs in Ottawa and surroundings counties in Ohio.

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Home is in Ottawa County, Ohio where parks are plenty; herons, egrets, eagles float in the breeze, and water surrounds us.
Retired, Terry now devotes considerable time to sailing and photography. Some of photos go to a stock agency, some are entered into contests, some are posted here for sale, and some are sold off of a folding table directly to the public.

Terry's attitude is that doing just about anything in parks or on/near the water with the camera along, means that a great day has been experienced with time well spent.

Terry's photos have won contests and also appeared in magazines.

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